Rainbow Suncatcher Crystal Ball Prism


Wake up to daily rainbows with Rainbow Suncatcher Crystal Ball Prism. It's the perfect reminder of positivity, and it instantly brightens the mood of any room. 

✔️Sparkling & Colorful
Flawlessly clear prism crystals is strung with sparkling crystals, the same crystal which is used for the chandelier, has a beautiful light-catching effect. Combined with Copper Chains, it is a perfect sun catcher

✔️Rainbow Maker
This crystal ornament weight is light but structure firmly. In sunlight, fill more space with rainbows because of the vertical space combination of crystal prisms suncatcher.

Great for suncatchers, chandeliers, garden project, baby rooms, Christmas tree, curtains, windows, plants decorations.

✔️Gift Idea
A surprise for girl, girlfriend, best friend, daughter or yourself on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Celebration, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Engagement, Congratulation, Party.

Product Type Size Weight
Type 1  31 cm / 12 inches 78g
Type 2 26 cm / 10 inches 65g
Type 3 31 cm / 12 inches 78g
Type 4 35 cm / 14 inches 117g
Type 5 35 cm / 14 inches 77g
Type 6 35 cm / 14 inches 73g
Type 7 23 cm / 9 inches 77g
Type 8 30 cm / 12 inches 72 g



Material Crystal
Package Suncatcher + Gift Box

Care Tips for crystal Jewelry

*Keep it dry and away from chemicals, sweat, bath, and Avoid friction and hard objects to avoid scratches.

*Rub your Crystal with a clean soft cloth to bring back the shine.